February 25, 2021

Dubai: jewel in the desert

Dubai has emerged as a wonderful success story that many people now want to identify with. Unlike other Middle East and Arab cities that have been in existence for centuries like Damascus, Jerusalem etc, this beautiful city seemed to have appeared from nowhere.

As recent as a few decades back, no one could have imagined that such an amazing world class city will emerge from the barren, hot sand dunes of the Emirates. But today, people from all over the world are trooping to this city in droves for various reasons bordering around tourism.

Considering the chaos and anarchy being let loose all over the Middle East, Dubai as a precious oasis in a desert. As one of the seven Emirates that made up oil rich UAE, many have argued that Dubai is what it is today simply because of oil money, but that that’s not exactly the truth because oil money alone does not make a place great, otherwise, other rich Middle East cities like Bagdad, Damascus, Homs, Aleppo etc and others won’t be in ruins, alright, we may accept that those are war torn cities but nevertheless, none of them or many others could really compare with Dubai even during their finest moments.

Although strategically located in terms of Geography, Dubai has been able to transform itself from a natural adversity of being placed on the unstable sand dunes of a hot desert into something of pride to its people and envy to its adversaries.

As more people arrive in this city for their honey moon, shopping, holiday etc we would like to present to you the alluring sights and sounds of Dubai that have become irresistible to many people from across the globe.


This wonderful architectural masterpiece stands at an imposing 828 metres somewhere in downtown Dubai. This modern day biblical tower of Babel is currently the world’s tallest man made structure and from a distance, it seems to be pointing right into the clouds! Burj Khalifa is an engineering masterpiece that wows everyone that beholds it.


This is nothing but a paradise for people that love automobiles. It sits on an expansive 5.4 kilometers long motorsport circuit. It supports multiple racing circuits to run simultaneously.


This seven star hotel is not just imposing but equally doubles as one the tallest hotel buildings in the world. This architectural masterpiece is in a class of its own and has facilities that can’t be found anywhere else. Burj Al Arab at a point used to be the iconic identity of Dubai.


This beautiful beach is a tourists delight as it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea while the desert dunes sits behind it.

There are so many other outstanding fun places to visit in Dubai like the Dubai Museum, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo, SEGA Republic, Ski Dubai, Ferrari world, Dubai Ice Rink, Dubai Desert Conservation Centre, Sefa Park, Ai Mamzer Park, Arabian Ranches Gulf Club, Dubai Polo Academy, The Dubai Heritage Village, Dubai Creek, Dubai Malls, Dubai Dolphinarium, Wild Wadi Water Park, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Fountains and so many other tourist attractions you may not be able to see except you plan to stay for months.


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