January 25, 2021

Palawan, the hidden gem in the Philippines

When people think about going to places particularly in South East Asia, it is Thailand or Indonesia that normally comes to their mind. Bali is never missed out in the list and so do with Singapore and even Myanmar.

Not everyone knows that there is a part of the Philippines that is a hidden wonder. It is not a primary option of most travelers, since they are not aware of what to expect. The Philippines is composed of more than 7,000 islands and 2,000 of them are still undiscovered. However, it is just so hard to neglect, since more and more people are starting to talk about the beauty and the distinct dishes in the place which normally attracts the attention of travelers and food lovers across the globe.

Though, there are lots of islands to choose from in the Philippines, Palawan is just one of the most beautiful. 

Its beaches, sand and water are being compared to the famous Maldives. It is not just the name of the province, but it is also the island in a province. It may be confusing, but Puerto Princessa is the center and it is also where the international airport is situated. It is also the place where the UNESCO World Heritage Site that highlights the underground river is located.

El Nido is at the northern part of the province, it is better known as an entryway to the beautiful Bacuit Archipelago where tourists can find spristine beaches, coral reefs and diving spots. El Nido was once a lazy town at the northern part of Palawan. It has been known for having foreign visitors throughout the year. It started to become a famous tourist destination in 1980 where it also catches the global attention, because of its beauty.

The island is surrounded with sandy beaches, clear waters, lagoons, caves and waterfalls. It has become an entryway to one of the pretties treasures of Asia and that is the Bacuit Archipelago.

How to get there
There are no direct flights going to El Nido in Palawan. That means you have to book a flight to Manila, which is the country’s capital and from there, you can ride a local plane going to your destination. The cost of an airfare maybe a bit costly during peak season, but it is the quickest and the simplest way to reach the place. You can check Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines and Tiger Air for flights going to Palawan. From the airport of Puerto Princesa, you will be linked through a Bus or a private van going to El Nido. This trip will take you around five to six hours.

Where to stay
There are lots of options when it comes to accomodation, regardless if you are under a budget or you want a lavish experience. For those with a tight budget, you can look for rooms along the streets of Rizal, they mostly offer the basic type of rooms with a private bathroom for less than 1,000PHP.

One of the famous option among travelers is the place they call A Place to Remember. It is a small hotel in a beautiful location. It is just a few steps away from the beach. The owner is friendly and very welcoming. The rooms are also clean and complete with AC, Wifi, TV and others. Breakfast will be served at the terrace of the room overlooking the bay of the beach. But, you have to choose a room, because not all of the rooms have a window where you can enjoy the view of the entire place.

Residencia Katrina is another option among travelers. It is just situated a few minutes away from the beach. All the rooms in this hotel are spacious and comes with a small table and chair. There is also a closet, AC and safe box. They also serve breakfast. If you wish to bring your own food, you can ask them to cook them for you. They have an all day coffee and tea.


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