February 25, 2021

Top ten places to visit GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries

The Middle East is the new era that has been born out of industrialization and commerce. When you talk of Middle East, people just rely on the fine dining, shopping, and availability of world-class hotels and resorts in it.

You are sure to get a great holiday experience in the Middle East and people will serve you with great hospitality and support. There is a good mix of the western culture and the traditional sites. The Middle East is the only place that can provide you time to bask in the sun and at the same time help you to revive the spirit and flow of the ancient history of Middle East. The best places to visit in the Middle East are listed as under:

10. Manama, Bahrain
Bahrain is a small country where people can get indulged in the architectural and natural resources of the place. Manama is a cultural city amidst the surroundings of the ancient buildings and past. People of Manama are interested in brilliant artwork and the best part is that you can easily get cheap flights to the Middle East.

9. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
This city is so buzzing with activities at all times of the day. The people of this city in Saudi Arabia are involved in different fun activities and this city is also known for the presence of trade and business. There are quite a various malls and people who love shopping can come here. The desert adventure will totally be a grand one.

8. Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi is the newly constructed town with many types of equipment and modernity to its very peak. The cultural and heritage value of the city is always on the top. The Heritage Village, the souks and also the Khalifa Park are something to look out for. The modern structures and buildings do make visitors go awestruck.

7. Cairo, Egypt
Cairo is a place in Egypt which is famous for the presence of a large number of archaeological monuments and evidence. The Pyramids are the one thing that is truly fantastic and people come here to get a glimpse of the age-old mommies that are supposed to be in the Pyramids. This city is a party hub and you will find great restaurants and cafes here.

6. Istanbul, Turkey
If you are interested in knowing about the many mosques and museums that depict the life of the Muslims in Turkey, then you can visit the museums and the mosques that are located within the dimensions of the city of Istanbul. Bargaining can be carried out in the small bazaars and it is a true combination of the Asian and European culture. 5. Beirut, Lebanon: This is a small town located on the shoreline of the Middle East. This city is famous because it has still withheld the beauty of the age olden times of the location. The ancient monuments and architecture have many tales to inspire people. This is a city made with a touch of contemporary nature.

4. Petra, Jordan
Petra is a town which is red colored because of the presence of heavily built stone structures in it which has a charm of their own. People who love adventure come here to get themselves soaked in the rustic and medieval times of the place.

3. Doha, Qatar
Doha has become a place which attracts tourists every day. People visit Doha for their first hand on experience with golf playing and other fun activities to try out. The pristine sand dune and the beach watching are a treat.

2. Dubai, UAE
Dubai is a great holiday destination if you are in search of something luxurious and modern. It has the world's largest shopping malls, nightclubs, trendy bars, etc. Timeless desert tours in safaris and sleeping in tents also remain a luxury.

1. Tel Aviv, Israel
This is considered as a cosmopolitan city which has in it the most beautiful beaches that you have ever seen. The city is quite modern and yet its historical sightings are also great to give a visit to.

These are the best things in GCC countries. Do plan your next visit soon! The bookings for the hotel can be done online as advance booking can save you a lot of money. You can take the help of a travel agent who can provide you with all the essential information about the visit. GCC countries are progressing and this is the best time to be there and celebrate the moment.


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