January 24, 2021

World most beautiful beaches

Beaches are no doubt among the most beautiful natural endowments mother nature blessed humanity with.

Only a few scenes, if any at all, can beat the sight of seeing beautiful women with velvety smooth skin, clad only in a skimpy bikini and walking along the white sands beside a crystal clear ocean, or children playing in the sands and shallow waters while tall coconut trees provide a canopy cover against the tropical sun or more still, a retiree sitting on a reclining chair and sipping juice from a wild coconut while having nostalgic memories of past events that occurred in their lives.

Blog4passion decided to take a tour round the world and showcase to you the most breathtaking beaches that you can find within the seven continents. Although, almost all the worlds littoral countries has one beach or more, but there are those who are in a class of their own and could be described as paradise on earth. Here we go!

  • Bathsheba Beach, Barbados I don’t know between Bathsheba or pride of Barbados which name would have been a more perfect fit for this beach. Located in the small island nation of Barbados in Central America. However, regardless of the nomenclature it bears, one thing is certain: this tropical beach is a beauty to behold.
  • Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, Hawaii
    Although getting to this beach may be a herculean task, considering that one would need to either hike or drive through a tricky, narrow and steep road in order to get to it, but this is an adventure that is worth every drop of sweat that rolls down your mid-rib in the course of getting to it. Aside the beach, there is also the Kaluahine and Waiveli water falls situated just within a stone throw in the rear of the beach.
  • Dreamland Beach, Bali
    Not minding the fact that the dreamland beach is located in the Bukit peninsula, off the coast of Indonesia, in a region prone to frequent natural disasters like earth quake, Tsunami, landslide and forest fires, lots of tourists has continued to flock to it and savor its candour. Its also a prime destination for surfers and has within it, shops and cafes that offer services to people on the beach.
  • Harbour island, BahamasThis is a perfect tropical beach replete with hot sun, cool sea breeze, whistling palm trees and pink Sands rounds up its exotic nature.
  • Copacabana Beach, BrazilThis beautiful beach is located on the shores of Rio De Janeiro and is one of the most popular beaches in the world today. It is famous for its large numbers of bikini wearing pretty ladies. It is also fondly called the “Little princess of the Sea”.
  • Miami Beach, USAMiami beach is one United States foremost beaches. Located on the coastal shores of the resort city of Miami-Dade, Florida. In this resort, there is a whole lot of fun to catch with absolutely no dull moment. Tourists can either swim, Surf or Jet Ski in the warm and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Blue Beach (La Chiva), Puerto RicoBlue beach is one of Puerto Rico’s best kept secret. It’s a long, narrow stretch of raven white sand and crystal water. Though, it may prove to be a big challenge in trying to manuever your way through a bumpy dirth road deep in the middle of the island’s Western National Wildlife refuge but that will still amount to a little price to pay in order to access this pearl of the Carribean.
  • Treasure Beach, JamaicaThis unique beach may not be as exciting or boisterous like Miami beach, Copacabana beach and many others on the list, but it offers a difficult kind of experience with its quite fishing villages dotting its landscape and natives willing to write or draw plot you give them.
  • Source d’Argent, SeychellesThis beach with pink sand and airily quite ambience is situated within an archipelago of 115 islands off the coast of Madagascar and deep within the Indian Ocean. It is also popular for its accompanying rich cuisine that is served in the restaurants surrounding it.
  • Dune du Pyla, FranceDespite being less than an hours drive from the city of Bordeaux, this beach has dunes that can be compared with those of the Sahara Desert. To add to add to its panoramic view, beyond the dunes are a finely laid out pine forest.
  • El Nido, PalawanPhilippines Located deep in South East Asia, El Nido is a cluster of beautiful beaches. This beach is grossly underrated considering its attractiveness and with the hostility going on between the central government and insurgents, it’s fortunes is unlikely to change anytime soon.
  • Deadman’s Beach, Peter IslandThis beach is unarguably in the forefront among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Located within the British Virgin Islands, Deadman’s beach is a place to be for fun seekers.
  • Falassarna Beach, Crete, GreeceCrete may have stood as a settlement over the centuries and within this medieval place there is Falassarna. This beach is so quite and idyllic that you may assume that you’re in the biblical garden of Eden. Behind the shoreline and the beach are rolling hills and mountain ranges that stands majestically like the proverbial rocks of Gibraltar. This is a perfect getaway spot for the maddening bedlam of city life. Once here, you’re assured of having your senses back in a jiffy.
  • Ifaty Beach, MadagascarIfaty beach may lack the flair of many others on the list, with laid-back drooping palm trees, dugout wooden canoes, dingy looking shanties that serve as home to the local fishermen and equally lacking in colourful umbrellas etc, but if you are the type that see his cup as half full, then you would consider Ifaty as being very unique in its own way.
  • Matira Beach, Bora Bora, TahitiThis idyllic little place looks like nothing but a cut-out straight from children’s picture book. Crystal clear bluish waters, nice little huts, calmness and pristine nature makes Bora Bora to appear unreal and only a few beaches in the world can really compare with it based on the points emphasized above.
  • Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, ItalyThe shores of Rabbit Beach are so calm and natural that flora and fauna are at peace with humans. It is a common sight to see turtles, dolphins and other water loving animals loitering about. Rabbit Beach is an intriguing with several side attractions that can keep one engaged even without swimming.
  • Champagne Beach, VanuatuIf the name should be anything to go by, then it should provide a glimpse of what to expect in this Pacific ocean island country. There may not be a champagne popped for you on arrival except you chose to make such arrangement anyway, but one thing is certain, and that is the fact that you’re in for a nice treat and a great time in this place. Incidentally, stories had it that the earliest people to arrive made merry on encountering the beauty of Vanuatu.
  • Tulum, MexicoTucked within an area that formed part of the ancient Mayan civilization, with some of its vestiges still obvious but now in ruins brought about by wear and tear and as well as due to the damaging effects of the elements over a long period of time and activities of plunderers as well. Tulum Beach and its surrounding area offers a unique and interesting experience you can hardly get elsewhere. All around it are exquisite resorts and thatched cabanas that offer very comfortable home away from home experience to tourists that keep flocking to it like bees to nectar.
  • Boulders Beach, Cape TownThis particular beach was once a play ground to the racist Apartheid regime that ruled the self styled rainbow nation before they transformed to majority rule in the 1990’s. Boulders beach offers a very unique experience in the sense that thousands of penguins loiter about on this beach offering fun seekers an interesting scenery.
  • West Bay Beach, Roatan, HondurasRoatan is about the largest of Honduran Bay Islands and within it lies the West Bay Beach. It is also within close proximity to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, regarded as the world’s second largest reef system. Aside the beautiful sands and clear waters, this beach offers a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Knowing how futile and impossible it could be for one to know about all the interesting beaches of the world much less visiting all, we to do the dirty work by making a research on all best beaches available for tourists to visit and have a swell time.

Our radar was able to beam its searchlight from the exotic beaches of central America to the hidden ones in South East Asia, from there to the quite ones in Europe and finally down to the remote ones in Africa. Once you have the money and ample time, then nothing stops you from taking a tour to a couple of these beautiful beaches all around the world.

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