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What To Check When Buying A New Phone

Every day, people get to purchase new phones. These amazing devices have proven consequential in our daily lives. Phones are used for many pleasant purposes including communication, research and entertainment.

Accordingly, you have to get a good phone if you want to relish the many phone-related benefits. The following are some of the key things to check when buying a new phone;


Ever experienced the setback of running out of storage yet you don’t feel like deleting any of your existing documents? Well, you could have avoided this obstacle when purchasing your phone. Suppose you have enough money to purchase a good phone, storage is the first thing you should pay much attention to. This is because storage forms a major part of the phone’s operation. You need enough storage space to save your essential applications as well as support your operations. Storage may also include RAM, which your phone needs to support all its running applications efficiently. You will need to save as many photos, videos and documents as you wish on your phone as well as execute any task via your phone’s applications without getting slowed down.


You need an efficient and high-capacity battery to keep your phone running for a considerable duration when not connected to a charging system. This is apparent when you are in a meeting, class or traveling without a power bank and unable to access any source of power. Having a phone with a weak battery can prove wearisome as you are likely to spend a greater part of your time next to your phone charger. To steer clear of such situations, you need to make a good decision early enough at the phone shop while purchasing a new phone. Phones featuring battery capacities of more than 5000 mAh can be the best bet.

Screen size and resolution

The choice regarding a phone’s screen size may vary from one person to another. Some people prefer large screens while others prefer relatively smaller screens. Commonly, those people who prefer smaller screens are concerned about their overall phone sizes, which they don’t want to make their phone look bulky and troublesome to walk around with. However, a majority of people prefer phones with large screens because of the enhanced display and zooming capability. On the other hand, screen resolution also helps improve the quality of images displayed on the phone’s screen. For resolution, you should only opt for phones with higher resolutions regardless of the phone’s screen size.


Today, advanced technology has seen the invention of smartphones with high-quality cameras. Many phones now come integrated with more than one camera (primary camera and secondary camera). The primary camera is typically situated at the back of a smartphone while secondary camera is located on the phone’s front side. The quality of a camera is usually determined based on the number of pixels. The more the number of pixels your phone camera features the more it is likely to deliver high-quality pictures. Based on the type of photography fun you cherish, you can either prioritize the primary camera or the secondary camera or both. Hence, you must carefully check the camera specification of the phone you intend to buy.


The weight of a phone can be an issue if you tend to carry your phone around. Whether you carry your phone using your hand or your pocket, weight can become a great concern for you. Feeling a lot of weight in your pocket can become a huge turn-off, especially if you are in a hurry and have to walk around. On the other hand, a light phone tends to offer more convenience because of increased portability. Prior to making a phone purchase, it is recommended to look at the weight descriptions of the phone and determine whether or not you will be okay with the weight stated in the phone’s specifications.