December 02, 2021

Why every man needs to be an Alpha

Have you ever found yourself asking questions like “Why is that Beautiful blonde going out with that asshole?” Or in another form, “What is she still doing with that guy that threats her like trash?”

Or worse still “Why would she ignore a great guy like me only to fall for that guy that does not even have half my looks?”
Chances are that you must have asked such questions or similar ones at some point in your life, either during high school, college, university or probably even now as we speak.

Studies have shown that women are mostly not wired to reason logically when falling in love. To corroborate this fact, gangsters, bad boys, the so called assholes and those with the devil may care attitude more often than not end up with the most beautiful ladies on the “food chain” while the gentlemen, nice guys and those that worship the ground women threads on, always ends up with the ”left overs”.

Our nature, personality, lifestyle, attitude or our general character are said to be largely influenced by our inherent genes and environmental factors.

Psychologists have been able to define men’s personalities or characteristics along four different trajectories which they called Alpha male, Omega male, Sigma male, Gamma male and Beta male. For us to really have a better understanding of these diverse categories, I believe its best to rehash their specific definitions before proceeding to the need why we need to drop some characteristics while adopting others in order to achieve the desired results we need in our social life, although our emphasis is on relationship, however imbibing some of these attributes can also enhance our general lifestyle for the better.

Here we go with the definitions.

Alpha Male

Is defined as a man who is confident and believes in himself. He does his own thing and has complete faith in himself, even when doubt tries to creep in, he will not allow it to obfuscate judgement. He seems to be liked by virtually everyone and it appears like he has a larger than life charisma that makes it impossible for him not be noticed wherever he is. He likes being social and extroverted, and more often than not to be a leader.

Omega Male

He is the polar opposite of the alpha male albeit in a good way. However, he is equally smart, confident and intelligent. The Omega male also have charm and charisma but that’s where the similarity with Alpha male ends. On the flip side, he is a lone ranger, behaves like he needs no one—a complete island unto himself and his persona and world view revolves around himself alone and others sometimes consider them haughty and full of themselves but the Omega male trusts very few people and has time just for themselves alone. Leadership positions never appeals to them and because they virtually enjoy hibernating in their own cocoon, they are not prolific in terms of nurturing intimate relationships.

Sigma Male

He is the classic crafty and cunning character. To him, everything in life is a competition or a game of chess, so keeps laying his snares and setting his traps and is always on the look-out to outmanuevre. What he lacks in terms of charisma or charm like the Omega male or Alpha male, he makes up with his smartness although in a cunning way and because of his lifestyle people often consider him to be anti social and tend to be wary of his every move. He is neither a leader and certainly not a follower but is always the odd one out wherever he is and what others may easily agree with, he will find loopholes in.

Gamma Male

He is bland, non descript and tends to be chameleonic by blending into every situation effortlessly. He is the see no evil, do no evil guy. Although he is more of a follower than a leader but he can take up any role depending on what is available. He is neither here or there but seems to go with the tide and because of his anything goes lifestyle, he gets along with people quite fine.

Beta Male

He is the effeminate guy, and shy almost to the point of being timid. He lacks self confidence or ability to take up tasks and get them done on their own. He is a classic and humble follower and will definitely shy away from anything that has the remotest ability to upset the apple cart. He is careful of other peoples opinion about himself Most times he is taking for granted and is easily overlooked in the scheme of things.

The world does not belong to the lilly livered

Having listed and defined the five classes of men according to psychologists, its important for you to be honest and determine where you belong because that is the first basic step going forward. One important thing we need to know is that while some men are born with Alpha attributes in them, such character is something we can still learn, imbibe and perfect.

Back to our emphasis; it is really unfair seeing some “good guys” being discarded by the ladies only for us to go into our cubicle, face the mirror and start asking ourself if we were jinxed or what we weren’t doing right.

Like I said earlier, ladies more often than not, are irrational beings when it comes to love. If you like, make it a career opening doors for them, buying flowers, singing lullaby every night, bringing coffee to them while they are still on the bed, calling them out and playing the guiter for them or any other stuff you consider to be romantic, the moment you fail to hit the right chords, then forget it you’re still going to end up a door mat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that doing those things are bad, rather, my point is that doing them without an Alpha attitude is a sure recipe for disaster.

Right from the time of Adam and Eve, women have always prefered men with Alpha traits who know what they want and goes for it no matter whose ox is gored.

Consider the difference in discussion between an Alpha male and a Beta male with their girlfriends when their relationship boat hits troubled waters.

Girlfriend: this relationaship is not working, I think its high time we give ourself a break and see how things pan out.

Alpha male: did you really give that a serious thought? I’m saying so because a lot of women might want to use that opportunity to snatch me away from you for good!

Now let’s look at that between a Beta male and his girlfriend.

Girlfriend: this relationaship is not working, I think its high time we give ourself a break and see how things pan out.

Beta male: oh please no, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, if you leave me I’ll die because I love you to death!

Did you observe the two classic examples and what do you think is going to be the outcome? Believe me, the Alpha male might appear too confident and even cocky but he will certainly get a better result because women love challenges and competition.

They want what they know that others will desire to have and even if she goes ahead to quit the relationship, she will always doubt her decision because she will be scared that someone else will take over and make the best out of it. On the other hand, the Beta male has already lost out because women do not love based on pity and to worsen matters, he is coming from a position of weakness and even if she decides to continue with the relationship, the Beta male would have totally lost his balls and would end up as a doormat, and sooner or later, the relationship will still hit the rocks.

A Beta male may make a good father or a likeable person but they also end up being friend zoned or discarded when it matters most.

I have heard the mantra “be yourself” several times but if being myself means maintaining the status quo as a person who is always taking for granted and treated with less respect, then I think I’m better off being someone else.


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