October 28, 2021

World’s 6 Most Dangerous Airports

Why you must avoid them by all means necessar? Traveling could be fun but can also be hazardous, especially when passing through some certain airports that would at best be described as danger zones.

If you must pass through them, then you cab as well consider writing your will first if it’s not yet written while you tell your loved ones how much you love them because that could be the last time you would be seeing them! Scary, ‘huh? Yes, that’s how the situation on ground is at these airports.

1. Tenzing—Hillary Airport, Nepal

For you to even consider landing on this airport could mean one of two things; either you have suicidal tendencies or you are both crazy and hyper-adventurous. Who builds an airport on an elevated land area with dangerous cliff surrounding it like a ring of fire?

If you assume it could be the devil, you may not be completely wrong. Well, I guess they had little or no choice than to build it there since its custom built for the world’s highest mountain, the Everest. It has a perilous 500 meter runway that ends on the edge of the cliff! Nothing could be more dangerous than this nightmare.

2. Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Rookie pilot would never dare attempt to land here except the person is his mind. Even the most experienced pilots would develop goose bumps at the prospects of landing here. A combo of dangerous terrain, tricky runway and a chameleonic weather makes this airport fantastically dangerous.

3. Gibraltar International Airport, Gibraltar

On the face value, this airport looked as safe as any other airport out there but when you consider the surrounding environment and the details of it, then you will certainly marvel. Imagine building an airport across a busy highway! Who does that?

Well that’s the reality on ground at the Gibraltar International airport and cars have to be flagged down for aircrafts to land safely and avoid collusion with cars.

4. Svalbard Airport, Norway

What do you expect of an airport built at the northern most point of the earth, with ice covered hills and cold waters surrounding it. Regardless of its dangerous nature the airport still handles in excess of 150,000 passengers a year.

5. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island, Eastern Caribbean

Even the most courageous person will probably pee on his pants on sighting the runway. As if the fact that the runway is a mere 400 meters (likely to be among the shortest for commercial flights) is not dangerous enough, both ends of the runway still end on a cliff with a large water body kissing it! However, big aircrafts have been banned from landing on it.

6. Princes Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

The picture of a common scene here looks so surreal, commercial airlines looming over tourists at the beach, bathing them with sand, winds and a deafening sound! That is not just where its danger ends, pilots are required to maneuver their aircrafts on taking off to avoid hitting the treacherous hills surrounding it.


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