October 28, 2021

World’s 7 best places to celebrate Christmas

The world has lots of tourist fun spots but only a few are great for Christmas There are countless holiday spots all over the world but just a few are really great for Christmas.

A Christmas spent in these places can leave an impression that would last a lifetime. Check for yourself!

7. San Juan, Puerto Rico

This small island may be a US province but it has over the years gained a reputation that is not so flattering and has become a major transit point for drug cartels smuggling drugs into the US mainland. Regardless of this, Puerto Rico offers a wonderful experience during Christmas. There are carnivals and processions organized by Churches including Christmas carols.

6. Zurich, Switzerland

Ordinarily Zurich usually has a quiet ambience but during Christmas its surrounding mountains are draped in snow and along with its cobbled streets provides an ideal place where Christmas can be celebrated with fun. There is the Christmas tree on Werdmuhleplatz, guided Christmas themed tours etc.

5. Dublin, Ireland

Christmas in Dublin can be very unique and lovely, and on Christmas day, there is the morning swim at the Forty-foot sea water pool. There is also the famous 12 Days of Christmas Market at the Docklands. Others include cheesy pantos, ice skating, streets lined with Christmas lights etc

4. The Vatican, Italy

Christmas spent in the neighborhood of the Catholic Pope can be very special indeed. Vatican is to the Christian Catholics what Mecca is to the Wahhabi Muslims; electrifying with passionate religious faithful stomping the streets in high spirits. If normal days could be so amazing, then it goes to show what will happen on Christmas. Here, there is also the Midnight Mass in the revered St Peter’s Basilica on Christmas Eve.

3. New York City, United States

The world’s most famous city can be a spectacle to behold on Christmas. In the midst of endless blocks of skyscrapers, the world’s tallest Christmas tree will stand majestically within the Rockefeller Center, with its bright lights shining attractively. Ice skating is also popular during the Christmas period and other fun attractions that can keep you busy in a fantastic way.

2. Santa Claus Village, Finland

What could be more fun during Christmas than paying a visit to the Santa Claus right in his village! Right at the fringes of the freezing North Pole is the home of Santa Claus and you will be welcome to visit the Santa Park on the outskirts of the village. It will surely leave an impression on you as you savor lots of Christmas themed activities.

1. Bethlehem, West Bank

Nothing could be more fulfilling than a holiday at the birthplace of Jesus Christ on Christmas. With several of the Bible time places still preserved in Bethlehem, you are guaranteed of witnessing firsthand the venues you have read about in the Bible. But whatever you do, you must ensure you are at Manger Square on the Christmas Eve for the fulfilling midnight Mass service.

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