October 28, 2021

World’s Most Exclusive Hotels

Just like the way we have economy class, business class and first class sections in a plane or train and we have to choose which one that suits our taste, which could also depend on how deep our pocket is.

The truth is that almost everyone would desire to enjoy the best of whatever is available, whether on transit or for boarding facility but since we don’t live in an ideal world, and wishes has never amounted to horses, we are forced to face reality and dance to the tune our pocket beats for us.

Be that as it may, the world has always been segregated economically between the haves and the have not, the world’s most exclusive hotels are definitely made for the haves whose fortunes are yearly estimated by Forbes.

So while majority of us may spend the whole day surfing the net as we search fruitlessly for one dime per night hostel, there are some others at the top of the food chain who may not bat an eyelid when paying a staggering $86,000 per night for hotel accommodation!

Below are some of the world’s most exclusive hotels where you spend a fortune just to pass a night.

7. Presidential Suite, St. Regis Hotel New York

One of the world’s most prominent millionaire cities, New York City, lays a plethora of grand hotels that are exclusively made for the mega rich. At the presidential wing of the St. Regis Hotel, you are mandated to cough out $35,000 for you to sleep in its suite.

6. Penthouse Suite, Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France

Situated in a place that is famously popular for its film festival, you will have to pay as much as $41,000 for you pass the night here.

5. Presidential Suite, Raj Palace Hotel, Jaipur, India

India may be a country with hundreds of millions of people below the poverty line but at the same time there are also lots of billionaires and tourists who will gladly pay a shocking $45,000 for a place at the presidential wing of Raj Palace Hotel.

4. The Royal Villa, Grand Resort, Athens

Greece may have been lumped among the “PIGS” of Europe but that does not mean that everyone in the city of Athens is struggling to obtain to cash. Here at the Royal Villa, you are mandated to pay a whopping $50,000 a night to stay in its suite. Some of the pecks you are entitled to include helicopter or limo VIP transport, pools, gym and personal trainer etc.

3. Delana Hilltop Resort, Laucala, Fiji

Deep in the rainforest jungles of Laucala Moutain resort and right on top of white sand beaches lined with coconut and palm trees is the Delana Hiltop Resort. A perfect garden where you will enjoy a quiet moment away from the madness of city life, but to enjoy a groove here, you will be ready to cough out a staggering $55,000 for a night stay.

2. Royal Penthouse, Hotel Presidential Wilson, Geneva

The Royal Penthouse needs no introduction, at least not to the filthy rich. At $59,000 per night, you are assured of enjoying of like a king.

1. The Mark Hotel, New York City

At the top spot of the exclusive list is the Mark hotel in New York City. For you to spend a night in the Grand Penthouse, you will be required to spend a fortune—a humongous $86,000!


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