July 25, 2021

How to massively grow your Instagram followers

Instagram has now emerged as a force to reckon with in recent time. The owner of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg must seen its potential when it was still an exclusive integral part of Apple and decided to buy it from Apple.

Now, with the release of Instagram to all devices, it blossomed to its current levels. Today, Instagram is providing a platform for millions of businesses to reach their audience, celebrities to keep in touch with their fan base, for people to interact with one another and share ideas etc.

Because of the importance of Instagram in today’s world and how difficult it is for a lot of people to open account on it and grow their follower base to a large figure, we have decided to reveal steps and ways that work like magic through which you could actually grow your audience on Instagram to a large number of people in no distant time. This is not a mere speculation or optimistic figures we throw about, rather, this is the average number of instagram followers a lot of people that applied our suggestions were able to attain and if many of them could achieve such appreciable numbers of followers on IG, then you certainly can as well, provided you apply the steps we are going to make available to you now with consistency and determination.

Not only will we assist you to gain massive followers but also give you tips on how to have a very interactive follower base, its one thing to have large numbers of followers but another most important aspect is having an interactive followers and not redundant ones.

Before we get to the point on how exactly to grow your base massively, its important to also give you vital facts about Instagram so can really appreciate how important it is for to put all efforts in place with seriousness and determination because Instagram could be the game changer for you right now.


Do you know that Instagram has been in existence now for over seven years and has skyrocketed to a whopping over 700 million active monthly users? This staggering figures has propelled Instagram to the zenith of social media and if forecasts and projections are to be relied upon, Instagram may soon become the numera uno platform of the social media. Smart people all over the world are tapping into this humongous numbers to move their business or brand to a higher level.

Studies have shown that Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform today and is equally more engaging and addictive than its peers like Facebook and Twitter, in other words, Instagram account holders are more dedicated to Instagram than those in other social media platforms. Considering all these facts it does not really come as a shock why lots of smart people are currently making a killing through Instagram without breaking much sweat or spending a fortune, now is the time for you to immediately wake up from your slumber and tap into the Instagram success stories.

Now that read this article to this very point, it means either of two things:

  1. That you already have an Instagram account but you’re not totally satisfied with the status quo as regards your followers base
  2. You are among those who have been sitting on the fence all these while but have finally decided to take the bull by the horn and use Instagram to achieve that much desired turn around for your business, brand or even become more active in the social media arena and equally keep abreast with trends.

However, whichever of the two you fall under, you’ve finally got hold of a vital piece of information that will certainly make it possible for you to cover lost time and opportunity in a jiffy. Just sit tight and continue reading as we reveal to you all there is to making it big time on Instagram.
First things first, get your notepad and jot down all you need to achieve with Instagram, areas you feel Instagram could really give your business a facelift or how it could add vibe to your ordinarily dull presence in the social media arena. Now that you have written down your “Instagram business plan”, its time to either set up your page or enhance it if you already have one.

Except you’re a Hollywood “A” list actor or a world class musician in the likes of Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Drake, Justin Bieber or Wesley Smith etc, then you must have to take absolutely good care in setting up your Instagram page. I have a hunch that majority of those reading this article may not have the kind of popularity like those stars mentioned above, so it means that your reputation does not pave way for you as such, it now becomes imperative that you should pay undivided attention now.

The first thing that grabs the attention of people that visit your page is your USERNAME, PICTURE/AVATAR and your BIO. Get this three vital points right and you’ve succeeded in making a good impression that could lead to the person becoming a follower while if you get it wrong, the reverse will be the case.

While perfecting those three aforementioned areas, you have to align them to tally with your brand, business or whatever you are trying to project to your target audience.


Once you have those vital areas fixed, the next thing to focus on will be your target audience;

Are they gender specific? Males or Females or both?

Are they teenagers/youths or older people? Or is what you are offering relevant for people of all age brackets?

After determinig the demography of your target audience, the next thing will be to get a grip on all the things they usually find interesting or what intrigues them the most, are their needs specific to certain areas or diverse? Having ascertained this, the next thing will be to start developing intriguing and inspiring contents that revolves around such areas of interest and while doing so, you can equally try to project what you are seeking to get their attention on in a smart way, with a call for action whenever you think its necessary.


Your posts and empasis will certainly have to be based on your niche, for instance, if you are a dermatologist or have skin care products you need to market or bring to the notice of the public, then your posts both texts and pictures will have to dwell on everything that have to do with skin care and ways to maintain a spotless skin or how to cure diverse skin problems.

If on the other hand you happen to be a motivational speaker, your posts should dwell on inspirational quotes from past and present world leaders and great achievers in their specific fields of endeavor.

A celebrity will be making posts about their lifestyle, activities, profession and personal pictures. A photographer should post captivating and beautiful pictures in high definition image that his/her audience will find attractive and so on but on the other hand, if a photographer starts posting texts about skin care or inspirational quotes it will not just be a distraction but will also be a huge turnoff to his that came to see or know about great pictures, hope you get the drift.

While posting good pictures or avatars, it is important to always watermark such images with your trademark logo, this will ensure that whenever your images are shared by others without the courtesy of giving credit to who originated it, it will then become a free advert for you. Based on this, it becomes imperative to always make use of unique and outstanding pictures with accompanying apt captions.


Instagram is meant to be a daily affair, some sort of dairy you will need to update every day. You can make your presence felt by always posting exciting texts or avartars, responding to your followers whenever they make statements that relates to you or even abstract ones, following back on those that are already following you etc.


This is one big mistake people always make on Instagram, there is nothing that annoys people more than when they discover that they have been unfollowed by those they are following, it makes them feel unwanted and small, and will retaliate by either responding in kind by unfollowing you too or if you happen to be a big star or celebrity, they might start to hate you and your brand or what you stand for.

So, instead of unfollowing your followers, you should rather give them a sense of belonging by interacting with them whenever its necessary.


This is important in order to maximise the growth of your followers base. You can either go for a mutual shout-out group where there is mutual benefit or seek for those with very large followers and pay them to assist you in projecting your IG account to their large audience.


Whether you’re a business owner or celebrity, one sure way to be noticed more and even appreciated is by always giving out freebies at random times. One thing that is universal is that people love getting things at low or no costs at all if only they can regardless of whether such gifts are expensive or not. You can do this by or organizing little quiz or games and giving out prizes to the winners.

Apply all of these judiciously and you are guaranteed of having large and commited followers on Instagram.

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