July 25, 2021


2018 is ready to take your entertainment to another level by surprising you with tons of fascinating and thrilling horror movies that will leave you yearning for more films to…
The world awaits the release of these great movies expected to be released in 2018.
Blade Runner 2049 is a Sci-Fi action film that was just released on the 3rd of October, 2017.
The Foreigner is based on the novel titled The Chinaman and written by Stephen Leather.
A hilarious film for the Christmas season that will set your home on ‘fire’.
Wonder Woman is a 2017 super hero film that is based on the DC comic book that beards the same name.
Personal Shopper is a 2016 classic French thriller and was about Maureen (Kristen Stewart) who was contracted as a personal shopper for a celebrity and her job description entails traveling…
A unique movie that will send chills running down your spine.
Raw is the product of a combo of Franco-Belgian effort that was put together in 2016.
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