May 07, 2021

A unique movie that will send chills running down your spine.

We have become so accustomed with that four words sentence known as ‘viewers discretion is advised’ that we no longer seem to bother so much whenever it flashes through our screens, but you are in for a shocker this time around because Prevenge have got a surreal ambience that will set your heart racing with scenes after scenes of throat slashing and uncensored gore. It becomes more shocking when the assailant is a pregnant woman.

Prevenge is a 2016 (but was actually released in February 2017) British comedy movie laced with horror with the main character, Ruth (Alice Lowe) going berserk on a killing spree, spurred on by her unborn misanthropic baby.

Directed by Alice Lowe

Screenplay by Alice Lowe

Music by Toydrum (Pablo Clements and James Griffith)

Cinematography by Ryan Eddleston

Edited by Matteo Bini

Distributed by Kaliedoscope

The Crew

Alice Lowe as (Ruth), Jo Hartley (as the Midwife), Gemma Whelan (as Len), Kate Dickie (as Ella), Kayvan Novak (as Tom), Tom Davis (as DJ Dan), Dan Skinner (as Mr Zabek), Mike Wozniak (as Josh), Tom Meeten (as Zac)

The Plot

Ruth (Alice Lowe) is a pregnant woman who was under the influence of her misanthropic baby who sends her on a killing spree from her hotel room. Oblivious to many, Ruth was actually on a revenge mission with a long list of enemies she felt had wronged her in the course of her eight months pregnancy, they included a pet shop owner, a club disk jockey and several others.

Ruth carefully picked her victims when they are vulnerable and ruthlessly murders them in cold blood. She kept hearing a voice directly from her womb that keeps pushing spurring her to murder her victims although she sometimes did felt pangs of conscience in her blood letting but like someone in a trance, she carried on with it all the same.

At a point when she appeared to be depressed, she had replied to a poser with an acerbic line of “I’m not grieving, ‘I’m gestating!”.

The movie lasted for 88 minutes and had a budget of 104, 000 USD while it generated 94, 000 USD in revenue. The main character Ruth as depicted by Alice Lowe was actually pregnant during the shooting of the movie.

Prevenge had a positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and polled an aggregate score of 95% from 62 reviews with 59 Fresh and 3 Rotten.

There was a consensus that Prevenge was unapologetically ambitious, daring and thrilling in a dark and horrific way. Prevenge is a unique and gruesomely thrilling movie that will keep you on the edge with suspense.

Watch Prevenge trailer:

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