May 07, 2021

Raw is the product of a combo of Franco-Belgian effort that was put together in 2016.

The horror movie written and directed by Julia Ducournau and was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 before it was released in France on the 15th of March 2017.

The movie centered on a gay lady Justine (Garance Marillier) a who just got admission to study at a college of veterinary and during her first week in school was confronted with the surreal and decadent lifestyle where the consumption of raw meat was a normal routine on the face value but was actually a ritual that would later set off a chain reaction of evil things.

What made it the more tragic is that Justine was a vegetarian before she was transformed into an unapologetic carnivorous so she could fit in.

A typical movie where viewers discretion would be advised because of its uncensored scenes of blood and gore.

The movie lasted for 99 minutes and was produced on a budget of $3.8 million dollars.

Directed by Julia Ducournau

Produced by Jean de Forets

Edited by Jean-Christophe Bouzy

Written by Julia Ducournau

Music by Jim Williams

Cinematography by Ruben Impens

Production Companies Frakas Productions, Petit Film, and Rouge International

Distributed by Wild Bunch (in France), Focus World (globally)

The Cast

Garance Marillier (as Justine), Ella Rumpf (as Alexia), Rabah Nait Oufella (as Adrien), Laurent Lucas (as Father), Joana Preiss (as Mother), Bouli Lanners (as the driver), Marrion Vernoux (as a nurse), and Jean-Loius Sbille (as the professor).

The Plot

Justine has been a vegetarian all through her life until she got admission into veterinary school where she met her gay roommate who influenced her into taking part in a ritual that involved the consumption of raw rabbit kidney.

Justine wasn’t in the least comfortable with such activities but was forced to play along in other to fit in with her peers. At first she had tried to resist them on the ground that she was a vegetarian but was cajoled by her sister Alexia into eating the raw rabbit kidney and she developed allergies which caused her to visit a doctor.

She later became addicted to eating raw meat and after a drinking binge she had to pass the night at Alexia’s place where she gave her a wax but on rubbing the was on her skin, it got stuck and Alexia tried to scrape it off with a scissors, however, Justine was scared and tried to push her away which made Alexia to mistakenly cut her finger before she fainted as a result of it.

Justine had to call for an ambulance immediately but as the bloodied finger lay on the ground starring at her, Justine suddenly had a weird urge for raw meat and she took the finger and eat it which signaled the beginning of their descent into cannibalism.

Raw had a positive rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes which was based on the opinion of 128 people that reviewed the movie.

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