July 25, 2021

List of least visited countries in Europe

Europe is a land of aura and majestic beauty. Paris, London, France is some of the highly rated cities of Europe, which are also booming with people. There can be no destination, which is better than Europe as it shows explicate warmth and welcomes its visitors with open hands.

However, to say the least, there are some places in Europe, which are not known to people at large. These can be considered as the secluded cities of Europe, though they are beautiful in their own ways and culture. The number of visitors to these cities might only be calculated to be around 11,000 in a year or even lesser than that.

People do not know about these places because the resources are less and they do not have better connectivity. The list of these underrated countries is as under:

  1. Serbia
    Serbia witnesses only about 81,000 visitors in a year because of which tourism is not being able to develop in the country. Serbia is one country that constituted Yugoslavia and it is near the area surrounding Croatia. The great brutal civil war took place in Serbia in which thousands of people laid their lives to protect the nation.
    Yet, it is a shame that people do not know about this place much. Serbia has been developed largely and from nightlife to delicious foods and restaurants, this place is indeed a whole experience.
  2. Iceland
    If you are a nature lover, then you must visit Iceland for once in your life. Iceland is a small island located in the middle of North Atlantic, which nearly has every perfect thing that can make visitors spellbound and fill their hearts with joy. From hot springs to waterfalls, glaciers Iceland simply seems like heaven. Another centre of attraction in Iceland is whale watching in the glacier waters, which is so cold and freezing. The main capital city of Iceland is Reykjavik. There are some cheap flights from this capital city to Iceland but people never bother taking those flights.
  3. Luxembourg
    Luxembourg is a country located in Germany and France and a place worth watching. Luxembourg is known for its abundant wealth and natural beauty. Both German and French cultures can be seen in the country, as there is a mixture of both this culture both in terms of food and in other parts. People visit Luxembourg as the country has a superb nightlife and the scenery is very charming and pleasing to the eyes. With lush greenery on all sides, Luxembourg is quite a clean city. If you are in Luxembourg, you cannot miss the great taste of wines that this country has to offer to its people.
  4. Macedonia
    Macedonia is another of the three parts arising from Yugoslavia but people do not seem to know about this country and so, they attract only a small number of tourists every year. Macedonia is a country where you will get to see a mixture of religions and Muslim dominates most parts of Macedonia. Orthodox Christians in Macedonia are still not following the newly built traditions and they are still attached to their theories and rules. This makes it difficult for people to be in that place as Macedonia has not developed much since then. It attracts only about 3, 51,000 visitors a year which is not supporting its tourism.
  5. San Marino
    San Marino is a very small country and this country is filled with castles and kingdoms, which gives a fairy tale experience to its visitors. However, because of its small size, not many people know about this place. An overnight is just enough to see the entire country of San Marino. The castles are on hilltops making the view exotic to watch. There are nine settlements in the country and it has a far and wide history for the people to explore.
  6. Moldova
    Moldova is the country that has the least number of visitors and only around 11,000 come to visit this land.
    The main reason behind this is that there are no tourist attractions in the country and it is in between Ukraine and Romania. Moldova is great for a travel game in Europe and if you are planning for one with your friends, then you must visit this place.

These are the least visited countries in Europe. It is common to visit a largely populated area but the main thing lies in visiting places that are not endured often and get fascinated by its beauty and scenic views.


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