July 25, 2021

Why is everyone going to Bangkok? Well, here's why!

When Master card released its global destination index for the 20 fastest growing destination cities in the world, not a few eyebrows were raised in amazement when Bangkok was named as the number one. Who could have imagined that this South East Asian city could topple the traditional powerhouses in terms of travel destination like London, Paris, Dubai etc.

Thailand may still be a developing country without the riches of U.A.E or be as developed as United Kingdom or France, but it’s capital Bangkok, can’t be written off at all, in actual fact, the city can’t be said to be lagging behind as such. It may not have something as popular as Paris’s iconic Eiffel tower, London’s famed bridge or Dubai’s imposing Burj Kalifa, that notwithstanding, Bangkok has got a plethora of very beautiful tourist attractions that are unique to it.

That’s probably an understatement; I mean the city can boast of so many breathtaking attractions whose beautiful images one can cherish for a life time.

The ranking that placed Bangkok on number one as the fastest growing tourist destination may have come as a shock to those that are oblivious of what this city has in stock, but for us that know what’s on ground, the result was a no brainer.

Without wasting much of your time, please tighten your seat belt as I take you through this city to reveal the unique sights and sounds of Bangkok.


Who could believe that such magnificent architectural masterpiece was built as far back as 1782 and for 150 years, has served as the home of Thai kings, the royal court and recently as the administrative seat of government.

This Grand palace speaks volumes about how advanced the Thai people of Bangkok were in terms building technology. This majestic palace has remained a huge pride to the locals and keeps attracting lots of people from around the world, who keeps coming to feel its enchanting candor. Domiciled within the confines of the palace are the state departments, Thai war ministry and also the mint. Of all the buildings that make up the palace, Wat Phra Kaew is unarguably the most outstanding, simply because it contains the revered and very famous Emerald Buddha known to have been in existence as far back as the 14th century.

The Grand palace has remained the spiritual headquarters of the local populace, and is to the Thai people what Rome signifies to the Catholics or Mecca to Muslims.


This iconic temple constructed centuries ago has high rise spires, and aside its physical candor, the temple symbolizes several historical events like the existence of the then new capital after the demise of Ayuthaya and equally reminisces the emergence of the Rattanakosin era.


This enchanting floating market could live a long lasting impression on your mind and also enrich your picture archive with a unique oriental culture you can hardly get elsewhere. The scenery offers an armada of wooden boats, Thai locals wearing straw hats and mouth watering farm fresh vegetables and other perishable goods being sold to tourists and locals alike. The whole set up with its colorful ambience looks like a cut-out straight from a children’s’ picture book.


Bangkok may be city with several Buddha images and sculptures of different sizes and hues dotting its landscape, but the old city of Wat Pho takes it to whole new level with a rich collection of diverse sculptures, artifacts and inscriptions. In fact, Wat Pho is nothing short of a paradise for lovers of art.

Due to the plethora of tourist attractions that dot the landscape of Bangkok, we can only make mention of others because there won’t be enough space to go into details about all of them. They include Yaowarat Chinatown, Chao Phraya waterways, Khao San road, Chatuchak weekend market, MBK center, Dusit zoo, Siam park city, Safari world, Lumphini park, Jim Thompson house, Erawan shrine, Bangkok national museum, Samutprakan crocodile farm and zoo, Rattanakosin Island etc.


Although we have mentioned the official reasons why Bangkok is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the number of tourists visiting it, however, it is a generally known fact that Thai women could be very beautiful indeed with that slender and petit oriental figure.

The word on the street has it that the beauty of Thai women has not escaped the notice of fun seeking men as well and the motive people, especially some men may have for seeing Bangkok as the top of the list destination is not our business and some things are better left to the imagination. 

Now you know why everyone seems to be on a flight to Bangkok!


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