July 25, 2021

The Good Fight is actually a sequel to the Good Wife that was created by Robert King and Michelle King. This American TV series revolves around legal and political intrigues laced with drama and comedy, and contains 10 episodes.

The Good Fight was premiered on the 19th of February, 2017. The first season contains 10 episodes. The Cast Christine Baranski (as Diana Lockhart), Rose Leslie (as Maia rendell), Erica Tazel (as Barbara Kolstad), Sarah Steele (as Marissa Gold), Cush Jumbo (as Lucca Quinn), Delroy Lindo (as Adrian Boseman), Justin Bartha (as Colin Morrello) and others.

The plot

In the first episode, Diane Lockhart was dumbfounded as she watched Donald Trump being inaugurated and decided she was going to do something different as she edges towards retirement from her firm. On the other side is the Rindell family, with the most prominent member being Hery Rindell, a well known financial consultant in Chicago who has invested peoples fortunes including Diane’s and her associates in a scheme with a promise of good returns.

Diane also happened to be the godmother to Rindell's daughter, Maia, who has just successfully passed the bar, and through Diane's connections, had secured a starting position at the firm. Diane heads what will be her final case at the firm, having already signed an exit agreement with her firm. The case was a police brutality charge and she was on the defense council representing the state. On the opposing side is Adrian Boseman, the head of a rival firm with an ambition to win the case and secure a large settlement for his client. Boseman has in his team Lucca Quinn who had earlier disserted Diane’s firm to pitch tent with Boseman.

While the proceedings was still ongoing, Henry Rindell was arrested for masterminding an elaborate ponzi scheme and down went Diane’s fortune as well as several others, and she suddenly found herself bankrupt and unable to go ahead with her already negotiated retirement.Left with little or no choice, she decided to make a comeback to her firm but was met with stiff resistance, and joining another firm was out of the question because the rumour mill was agog that she was complicit in the Rendell ponzi scheme. To make matters worse for her, she was told that her assets may be seized as evidence, so she was advised to divorce her husband, Kurt, to avoid having his assets confiscated as well.

Diane latched on an affair Kurt had to bring up the issue of divorce, but he refuses to file for divorce and continued to hope for a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Boseman realized that there was a window of opportunity to gain Diane's services for a fraction of her value, so he offered her the position of a junior partner at his firm. Left with no other viable option, Diane accepted Boseman's offer, and when Maia was fired, partly due to her father's financial scandal, Diane decided to bring her along to her new firm.


The Good Fight has received a rash of positive reviews and even had a rating of 100% on Rotten tomatoes.
The Good Fight is one TV series that is so explosive and intriguing that you will never be bored watching it over and over again.

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